Who’s Taniqua?



If you don’t know, I am Taniqua Purdie. I am a 27 year old female that is in love with what the world has to offer. I grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania but I always knew that there was much more to see than that. That first picture of me at the beach may have been when I started to fall in love with the beach.

My parents are from New Jersey. Mom from Plainfield and Dad from Newark. I have always said to myself that I wish I could just travel and get paid, but I took a different route. I went to college and even graduate school after that. I currently have a Masters in Couples, Family and Marital Therapy. I have literally been in school for 22 years of my life.

I am blessed, grateful and thankful for being able to further my education but I feel like now I should be able to explore. I have put my dreams aside to make sure I have that education to fall back on now it is time to put all that aside and do what I love, and that is TRAVEL. I have many values starting from family, to friends, to education, to children, to photography(or memory catching) to traveling.

I created this blog to be an inspiration for those who have similar dreams and aspirations in life. I do not believe that people should be stuck working a 9-5 all their life with 2 weeks off a year! I really think that’s insane. Vacations are essential to a sound mind and a happy life. I understand that some people may not enjoy vacationing ( no maybe I do not understand that lol but I’m trying to) but it should always be an option and more frequent.

I want my page to be able to show all my values in life in one area. I want you all to be inspired to do what you love even if it seems impossible because we are in 2018, and the things that are starting to become possible now, may have never seemed possible. Do you understand that? Read that again slowly if not (because I had to, just to make sure it made sense lol)

I have never been a writer, or a photographer of any sort but I have been teaching myself slowly. I have a background in nannying, therapy and person directed supports so that pretty much says that I am a peoples’s person. I enjoy learning about people of all different ages, situations, disorders, races, sexual orientations, and of course from different cultural backgrounds.

I have a PASSION for learning languages. I LOVE Spanish and through my journey my 1st goal is to learn Spanish fluently. I believe that it will be essential in the next couple years. Everyone tells me to go travel and explore while I am young so I am going to take them up on their suggestion. I know many people who constantly say “ They told me I wasn’t going to be nothing”. I did not have that same experience, my experience was a little more like no one saying anything. I had to see it, to believe it, then to achieve it.

Thank you so much for joining me !


Once a year, GO SOMEPLACE you’ve never BEEN BEFORE — Dalai Lama